Perdu son pot
pourri-pot de fleurs
chez mamie dans
Grand Nord
A minuit à la barbe 
de Mickey les 
voleurs dans 
leur tire enfuis
N’était du menu
fretin, le gaillard
porte le pet
 bon matin
Les limaces ne sont
plus dans  les jardins,
elles étaient au
Son sosie
s’en est saisi
poulet fermier
Minou connu
des coquins
sans donner
sa langue au chat
Maintenant il plante
sans plainte les



by Ana Isabel O


I don't Love you

I don’t love you, I adore the infinite song of your mind and your words. I don’t love you, I adore the artwork of your hands, the poetic expression of your lips and eyes. I don’t love you, I adore your faithfulness on the parallel/opposite of every you and us

I don’t love you, I adore each step you do in the land oppressed by the oppressed in the past. I don’t love you, I adore you are giving time to what is left to us each night in the whole land.



Deep water waved lapse of fear. A million stars up in the sky,

one shines brighter we can’t deny made of dust, wind, marvel,
much more plus nothing.Time, space all along masters are not
of intertwined thoughts. Love really that is, as simple as water
turning in fire and long after your night, it woke to the wings of
the roses transformed in sword you have sharpen with fever,
fused together to be what we want in the universe will.
Hush up though you make jealous who can’t understand this
root from above, already volte-facing our dreams to soar

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


By the River

Soon the equinox will pass the wardrobe of our weather too,
your sweetness dressing every hill and your splendorous heart
making new all things while the wind kiss us floating across edges,
the sound of your eyes is singing to me a breathtaking lullaby.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O

Whats Not

Delight admiration tenacity hunch latent is in all creation subtle caress uniting hearts and all mankind on fervency and deity not with passion or being afraid for in real love no possession persevere and cannot lose what is divinely free, timeless vainglory the binding is, poisoning what love not is, see how this is turning in infinite circles because that’s what love is.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O

Cape Town

Wind honouring the holy streams
forth memories beholding beauteous
your wise delight timeless music rings
south or east across lands and mirrors
dance and heaven divine bliss spring.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O

Big Ego

Oh how much and many love your grace beauty and pilgrim soul awaken. If only you could bend with those precious gifts bars disuniting land sorrows but paced upon mountains faith face amid stars. Long time ago you said fifth autumn I counted then, birdwatching glamorous wings never noticing those five your heart have not grown old please read as I do in every inch of all stars the everlasting whisper of your eyes.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O




Cosmic secret garden twisted joy under Earth this very day, on your lips my name vibrations of bells, I told you noons and days will kidd not, its divine go out again eastern poet watch our stars foretelling seventh heaven, time has set us free under a timeless moon.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Middel East Don Juan

Beneath the moonlit sky somesthesia, pure your sweetness and goodness are yet allure sorrows hide but trust time will remove breastwork thus for the intolerable load of greediness that on segregation lies my heart is sore oh one day when we will be in another circle, son will witness how time won over evil and bad while the speechless presence of your boldness caress what is more gentleness .

Copyright–Ana Isabel O

Engulfing five truncated perceptions
shining out sunning over words which
became complicated for feeling talks,
garden without gates would you not shake,
wait not to feel breath on lips just hear
the hibiscus kissing a setting moon,
heart sighs in tune to dancers wheeling
echoes of soul perception into your blood.










Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Lajee Dance

Jasmine and olive trees running in your veins, sweeping lowlands,
paragon sea, hazed mountain range, dark soil, so much handsomeness, terribleness, bloodshed the world don’t see, flooding encroachers ashen klutz gather. Lajee dancers fourteen springs only, far in what purview Mustafa, Mo’taz, Omar? Where are they mountain rangers?! Five days passed already by, wherever they hold them our meditations will fly.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Countryless Girl.
Of yard toughest girl she was, believing never on vacuous shifts,
stick she engulfed not, journey through manifold paths,
stabs and ruefulness regret never; knight face turns always to inner sky,
just hunting admiration from aside, through magic universe she is now;
under same sky or moon kisses might born; no mordant whip decided
she will feel thus in silent resolved in her woodland dreams with no weep.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



By the River
Grey-blue gazing all steps, brown river and fluffy skies,
enthralling blooms, honey bee your love is otherwise,
smooth without sighs yet so vulnerable your laughterful
nature, whispering feasts of blissful full moon .

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



Truth hurting harder than lies on a cold world lose hold, heartless behind, motherless child took laughter and now is harvesting sudden notes sweetly played by deep spell, hand holding, pressing, caressing whispering softly while persevering on bliss where spirits and sound of silence are beating around a kiss.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



Truth words answering questions through it all
faithful in manners good, forgiving, giving
understood unconquerable soul, patiently bearing
while rising and setting sun, beautiful gloom night
wonder lead over gorgeous city with treasures
and this marvelous unwrapped love.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Say it, name it, do no wonder more, your dream is mine
same we both desire, souls discover two sides, whatever
rides among emotions cannot see decline, no distances for
sea reveals what we know would never die.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


White collar slayers, endeavoring world vogue,
chain-sing bill and coo feinging benevolence
while everyone knows that truce smell petrol,
crack, Vultur gryphus warbles pestilential bluff!

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



Softheartedness embroidering no pains you mock not me,
so protective unstained regard, the crossness slipped away
days now weeks terpsichorean, superb matchless knight
exquisite taste of fragrant love every day this heart enjoys!

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



Dark moons of languor eyes,
poet reading between the lines,
parlance shuffled with inky fire,
sea soften scenery while emphasizing
unspoken soul, riff and rhythm-ing.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O



Humbug fasten when found that mind,
for certain mentations were sweet,
unlocking out of bounds threshold;
supposed hearing really cannot grasp,
no laughter not tears supercilious
dropping images words so waltz around
was not that long, hence today could say
trustworthy soul has not been.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O




Butterflies zigzagging kisses flying alike ,
no lose no win rather lost on a grove,
from this path till skies to your hand,
from my pencil to our paper, hereunto we
get puzzle out beyond strong length ties .

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


All New.
This is nirvana all the long, merriment and tuneful encompass,
whom ardency and affection unceasingly, you holding us together there, where all shimmering consent and we too run to love now and more, dutiful in ourselves, oh yes we discern only pleasance to enjoy!

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Long time these eyes haven’t see aerodynamic wings
now you are strong little bee, your heart is flying
and flinging all these five years from dichoptic vision
this world take no control of your pride and purity,
magnificent exploding in sun in shade: hurry honey!

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


To : Mayar Junaidy

Red Feather
Some immortal feathers I sent
in letters crumpled on the floor
had no name sitting down on the steps
never say goodbye to oriental pearl
from that sea. Oh! Red flying feather
a bird is singing louder around thee.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Out and in of beautiful sea’s swings
listening to petals opening a sound
we have so much desired to go to
the garden, fruits are in all shapes,
tastefully sunsets and mornings
brighten up sky the cold win plus
patience you made them every one.

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Before Twenty Seventeen

Vanilla scent burning what you set on fire
sorrow and joy, our sins won’t fly although
desire burning distanced of turns, no surrender
no retreat of light rich with life… afternoon…
a husky humming light a match smoking
where gasoline leaked among butterflies…
Oh …fireworks?!

Copyright–Ana Isabel O


Blue Moon
My mind talks to you with loud silence
from any horizon to all weird zenith,
a rude cold wind singing in my ear
lips remembering those lightly kisses,
this very night we remain together
watching the locks of a deep blue….

Copyright–Ana Isabel O