The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor 

Choreographed by Virginie Mecene of Martha Graham Academy in New York and by Sifiso Kweyama of Jazzart Dance Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa


Music Composed by Michiel Braam

Narrated by Dean Bowman

Aye Aye and Fedor’s album is a treat and will become a favourite for children. The story glides through a magical and victorious universe.

Ana Isabel Ordonez’s “Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor” album is a treat! This will become a favourite for children who dream of a life on the stage. To kids who love animals, dancing or acting, this venture will seem a magical place in a Musical Forest, and every detail–from the outstanding narration of singer Dean Bowman to eBraam’s phenomenal Jazz-rock compositions–is fascinating. Children who don’t fantasise about performing, however, will probably be mystified by the detail about every aspect of the tale. The inclusion of child-alike illustrations, will make sense to listeners; those who would love to be Aye Aye or Fedor probably will be acting out the tracks.

Following the narration and music, the story glides through a magical and victorious universe. Ordonez’s lighthearted drawings match the incredible tone of Bowman’s narration and eBraam’s music; both basis of ballet as choreographed by Virginie Mecene of Martha Graham Academy in New York and by Sifiso Kweyama of Jazzart Dance Theatre in Cape Town, South Africa, where the ballet will be performed this fall as part of the festivities honouring long time Apartheid fighter, Social Rights activist and Peace Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu.

For those who haven’t read the book, the cd will be an appealing tool. Ana Isabel’s books happen in her very astute and strong-minded universe, a place where this Biologist and ingenious writer take charge a series of stories about a female lemur Aye Aye, who leads a zoo to a new kind of magical happy jungle: The Musical Forest.

Animals on Ordonez’s journey are threatened like the lemur Aye Aye and Fedor, a white lion, who is protective with the adoptive family of animals and learn the old wive’s tale of the jungle from Licec, a sleaky black panther, “Aye Aye and Licec the Black Panther”. Subtle lessons in conciliation, love, friendship, non-sense, humour, loyalty, and tribal law float about these imaginative tales.

This first Musical Forest narration & music’s album about the extraordinary love story of two threaded animals, Aye Aye and Fedor is recounted by master singer, Dean Bowman, with a new special talent for entertaining audiences of all ages. The music was composed by pianist Michiel Braam.

Let’s hope Ana Isabel will continue with the great series, and we will see more narration-music-ballet releases of such tales as “How Roibeard Helps Sorley the Cheetah” a story about an anguished cheetah and his battle against selfishness, insecurity and fears. Roibeard’s redemption from his dissipation “How Aye Aye Met Roibeard the Giraffe” and “Aye Aye, Professor Tekyp and Hyperbrits” in which the Musical Forest witnesses a farcical ritual and get honoured by Professor Tekyp” awareness and lexicon!

Get the first cd of the series now, this edition with Dean Bowman and eBraam promises to enchant children and adults as it brings the pleasure of hearing this unique story for the first time. The album is released on Ruby Flower Records, an indie label devoted to avant garde Jazz and new music, founded by trumpeter Herb Robertson & Ana Isabel who is without a doubt an inimitable woman having the knack for blending unconventional candour in the soul of a naughty child!
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eBraam with Guests and Dean Bowman, The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor


Happy March

Thursday, July 28, 2016

eBraam with Guests and Dean Bowman, The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor

In the interests of full disclosure, I should say before I begin that Ana Isabel Ordonez is owner of Ruby Flower Records, the label that happily has released ten of my own albums with an 11th on the way. The CDs I review here I have no financial or artistic connection with, so I approach the contents with an impartiality.

OK, so we have at hand two versions of the Fusion-Prog-Jazz-Rock opus The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor (Ruby Flower). It is out in two versions, one with a narrative of Ana Isabel Ordonez’ striking story line from her first children’s book of the same name; the other with only the music by eBraam and Guests. The music in the second version is somewhat rearranged and at times lengthened in parts.

You get an idea of the vividly primal illustrations from the book version with several of them on the CD. This narrative-music edition at hand today will be the basis of two ballet versions: as choreographed by Virginie Mecene for the Martha Graham Academy, and by Sifiso Kweyama in Cape Town, where the ballet will be performed this fall by the Jazz Dance Theater as part of the festivities honoring Desmond Tutu.

The music was written by Dutch pianist-composer Michiel Braam and his eBraam band with some beautiful guitarwork by guests Pieter Douma and Jorg Lehnardt. It is an eclectic blend of fusion jazz with memorable themes and a wide variety of grooves and moods to fit Ms. Ordonez’s story of love and liberation.

The music holds its own, Dean Bowman’s narrative captures the essence of the story nicely and ultimately the ballet will send the whole thing further into the story zone that the book gives us so amusingly and deeply.

Children of all ages will take to this, whether they have read the first book or not (though they should, ideally while listening to the CD). It holds its own with brilliance and a total experiential vibe.

Ana Isabel Ordonez carries the day!


You can get both on Here is a link to start you off:

The Extraordinary Love Story Of Aye Aye And Fedor

Aye Aye


Ana Isabel Ordonez is a journey-woman jazz advocate, writer, illustrator, poet and much more, who does everything with absolute passion. Besides her adventurous work and collaboration with jazz titan Cecil Taylor and late poet/political activist Amiri Baraka, avant garde trumpeter Herb Robertson, late poet, humanitarian and political activist Trudy Morse, iconic Marshall Allen of Sun Ra’s Arkestra as well as amazing figures like Elliot Levin, Evan Parker a.m.o., she’s also known for her philanthropic work and manifold collaboration as impresario for various figures in the Jazz world. She delivers the goods even if it is without the fanfare given to lesser storytellers. Notable and memorable also were her events at Le Poison Rouge MC’d by Bill Cosby and NY1 anchorwoman Cheryl Wills, as well as her altruistic endeavours with Chris Lawford, member of American Kennedy’s family royalty. In the active course of her career she has commingled Biology, history, jazz and poetry.

Ordonez now writes/illustrates children’s books and works on theatre pieces. In the children’s book department she’s innovating again, calling up singer Dean Bowman and pianist Michiel Braam to do an utterly alluring, compelling music and narration album based on her book “The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor.” This musical-narrative sequence is now being choreographed in New York by Virginie Mecene and the prestigious Martha Graham Academy and simultaneously in Cape Town by the esteemed Jazz Dance Theatre with Sifiso Kweyama as choreographer. All this is in preparation for shows to honour Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Dean Bowman is a singer known and praised worldwide for his angelic voice. He began singing in church and has appeared in many releases and on stage, working in both gospel and jazz styles. The New York native regularly performs all around the world.

Michiel Braam is a Dutch pianist and educator, director of the Jazz Pop Music and Dance Department in Niemejen, Netherlands. An absolute maverick on the piano and in his compositions, he’s frequently seen in jazz festivals and jazz clubs the world round.

Ordonez’s tale captures the veteran vocalist Bowman in an intimate performance that showcases his smooth, honey voice and winning delivery. His narration of Ordonez’s love tale never sounds phony or forced and the tale itself exemplifies directly such an authenticity.

This album features the group eBraam performing a set of chestnuts, namely Braam’s own jazz-rock compositions : “Introduction”, “Aye Aye At Work”, “Small Meets Big”, “Prison vs Dreamy Freedom”, “Restful Peaceful”, “Bad Weather”, “Enclosure To Enclosure”, “Escape”, “Happy March”, and “Love”. Braam manages to inject the requisite skill and enthusiasm into the sequences to make every track fresh and cheerful. Each one is given a nice tempo treatment in a breezy ride from start to finish. Bowman adds his share of the soothsayer’s touch to the whole endeavour and his work is surely a highlight of it all.

The album comes with lovely illustrations from the book, very disarmingly child-like. The narrative is enhanced and fleshed-out via the weighty eBraam musicianship, including drummer Dirk-Peter Kölsch, guitarists Pieter Douma and Jorg Lehnardt, and harpist Ulrike von Meyer.This is a wild, original and adventurous new Ordonez project which ought to be listened to, read and seen . The quick-witted Ana Isabel seem to be reborn bigger and better every seven years!
Brilliant project and release!



Aye Aye & Fedor : Music for Ballet & Theater Narration and Music


Aya Aye's Baobab

Dean Bowman, an eclectic singer and educator from the New York scene, has already explored original paths in various music ensembles as well as solo, always with a special virtuosity in his endeavors.

He comes to the fore now narrating overtop ten amazing jazz-rock compositions by Dutch master pianist Michiel Braam and his band. The spoken story is based on “The Extraordinary Love Story of Aye Aye and Fedor” an inspiring children book written by biologist, illustrator, poet, writer, producer Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, a renaissance and do-gooder woman who swings with la creme de la creme of New York’s art scene. The album is released on her record label Ruby Flower which she founded more than a decade ago with New York avant garde trumpeter Herb Robertson.

The album is enchanting and serves as a part of a bigger project that involves also dance, theatre and fine art. Recorded in the Netherlands and New York the release conveys a series of festive vignettes; the listener will ramble equitably around cooking magical jingles and phrases. Every opus evidences Braam’s phenomenal skills as composer and keyboardist as well as the musical excellence of guitarists Pieter Douma and Jorg Lehnardt, drummer Dirk-Peter Kölsch and harpist Ulrike von Meyer ripping apart the rulebook with singular impetus. eBraam wallop and whoop through moving sequences and bold soundscapes sealed with purposeful exchanges rounding off and enhancing the story-tale upon which Bowman’s voice leaves its powerful imprint. Douma and Kolsch gazump and set in motion sticks and strings even while providing guideposts of auditory sensations fashioned with rapture, track after track. The music expeditions tool up a vivid contrast to Dean Bowman’s meaningful chronicle, winged with superb swaying and rocking tones with emotional amplitudes and powerful exchanges.

A refined blend of ardour and very acute musical artistry give equilibrium to each song of this second-to-none album. Without a doubt Ordonez knew how to put all this together with her inimitable imagination. Braam’s compositions are considerably well keyed to the tenderness, sagacity and self-awareness of Ana Isabel’s children’s book. The ultimate totality transcends and unifies via multi-media consensus in which the trip spells out into sounds of rich sharing.

This audio-only prelude gives a fascinating earful of eBraam-Guests-Bowman-Ordonez new integrated concept of dance-music-narrative-theatre. It will absorb and carry off audiences and listeners to a magical place. The winner tandem of media inject into ears and eyes a fierceness, a power of friendship with an authentic story with more than a touch of love. Fantastically recommended!

Dean Bowman & Ebraam : The Extraordinary Love Story Of Aye Aye & Fedor

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